Words to Live By

We all have days where we could use a little inspiration. Here are some of my favorite quotequotes, mantras and tidbits of wisdom for those tough days. You can't control the outcome, only your effort. Even though I work for myself, each job I take on comes with a big team of people, all of whom have their own opinions, needs and visions for the project. Sometimes, things don't work out like I want them too. But as long as I'm putting in my best effort, I can be satisfied.

Don't engage crazy (or toddlers). Sometimes your colleagues will act a little nutsy. Or like small, sleep-deprived children. Do not, repeat, do NOT engage. Back away from their silliness, put your head down, and do your work. The crazy will pass faster if everyone ignores it.

"Sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed." (Oh, Firefly...) Whether it's a letter lead that just won't work, or an entire strategy, sometimes you've just got to scrap everything and start over. Don't stress, and don't waste time and other precious resources trying to save something that can't -- and shouldn't -- be saved.

"That is not the Janet I want to be." (Another gem from a television show gone too soon, Wonderfalls.) The context of this quote is too convoluted to get into here, but this one pops into my head whenever I'm tempted to act in a way that is contrary to my core values. When I'm feeling vindictive, petulant or just plain cranky, I take a deep breath and remind myself to be the person I strive to be.

"It always seems impossible until it is done." Nelson Mandela This one comes in handy for those days when I have a mountain of work, ten meetings, three soccer games and dinner to make. Somehow, even my most impossible-seeming tasks do get done.

What words of wisdom help you get through the rough days? Share below!