My passion is communicating your passion to the world.


My Story

I can't remember a time I didn't want to be a writer. But it wasn't until I stumbled into a copyediting job at a direct mail fundraising consulting firm that I figured out what kind of writer I wanted to be.

It was a revelation to discover that there was a career where I could indulge my love of the written word while also making it possible for kind, dedicated and energetic people to improve the world.

I dove into learning everything I could about direct mail fundraising, from attending an in-depth printing and production seminar, to working closely with national and international fundraisers, and developing strong relationships with our clients. I thrilled at being able to help those on the front lines of environmental, human rights, arts, science and educational advocacy find their voices and connect to their donors. 

After almost twelve years of red ink-covered drafts, proofreading until my eyes crossed and working with some of the most dedicated professionals around, I got the chance to strike out on my own.

I can't imagine a better job.

But my story isn't really about me. In truth, my story is about YOU

Because your voice is the one that is changing the world. I want to help you make that voice as strong and effective as possible. 


My Official Bio

I have been working in Direct Mail Fundraising for 20 years. Starting out at Whitney Associates, I worked with such clients as Sierra Club, NRDC, The Planetary Society and The Breast Cancer Fund. In 2009, I established my own consulting practice, writing and advising on direct mail creative strategy for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Museum of Tolerance, Friends of the Earth, the OHSU Foundation, and others.

My direct mail packages have been mailed around the world, helping to raise millions of dollars, and clients have lauded my control-beating acquisition packages.

In addition to regular direct mail consulting, I have advised organizations on creative strategy for high-dollar direct mail programs, newsletters and cultivations, advocacy communications, including web and email communications, planned giving programs and monthly giving programs.

I also speak on writing and storytelling at fundraising and writing conferences and to school groups.


Need more specifics?

  • My direct mail acquisition packages routinely match or beat longstanding controls. One record-shattering package consistently netted money for the organization over several mailings.
  • I helped one client out-perform other organizations in its sector for seven consecutive quarters.
  • I save my clients money on production costs with simple design tricks.
  • I offer expert social media strategy to help enhance fundraising efforts.
  • My collaborative, in-depth approach gives me the ability to present the full spectrum of my clients’ work and helps unite program and fundraising staff in the business of raising money.

When I’m not obsessing about my clients’ creative, I write, read, knit, bike and help my husband raise our three children.



Years Experience – 20
Location – Portland, OR
Special Interest Areas – Environmental, Social Justice, Arts, Science, Advocacy
Skills –  Creative Strategy, Writing, Editing, Storytelling, Speaking
Hobbies – Knitting, hiking, baking, reading, and spending an inordinate amount of time watching children's soccer matches
Pets – 2 dogs, 1 cat