Welcome to my newly reinvigorated website! I’ve spent a good six months developing a new direction. During that time, I’ve honed in on a few ideas that encompass my work moving forward: creativity, exploration and generosity.

I love the creative nature of my work, and the excitement of getting others to think creatively about their fundraising and marketing programs. Much of this site will be dedicated to the creative process, to finding new ways of looking at donor and customer communication, and to learning (or remembering) the tricks and tips that can bring out our creative best.

The things that fuel my creativity are as many and varied as the weather on a spring day in Oregon. Music, overheard conversations, connecting with a colleague, a great book, a run around the reservoir – all can spur a creative burst. In the spirit of exploration, I plan to occasionally post an amusing, inspiring or downright strange anecdote that seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with fundraising…but that caught my attention and might send us both to new creative heights.

But most of all, I’ve benefited from the generosity of countless people who have taken time, energy and money to help me succeed. It’s long past time for me to pay it forward. So I’m using this space to share my own (and others’) hard-won knowledge about fundraising, marketing, direct mail, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I look forward to learning and sharing with you in the coming months. I hope we can start a long-running conversation that helps inspire creativity in us all.